Turquoise Silver Gau Locket ~ Kalachakra, Time Wheel

This listing is for a gau that is essentially "identical" to the one pictured.  It was hand crafted in Nepal using 92.5 sterling silver and beautiful turquoise gemstone.  This gau displays Kalachakra, the time wheel. Kalachakra is from Sanskrit for Time (kala) Wheel (chakra). This term is used in Tantric Buddhism vajrayana, to mean "time-wheel" or "time-cycles". The Kalachakra tradition revolves around the concept of time and cycles. From the cycles of the planet to the cycles of human breathing, it teaches the practice of controlling the most subtle energies within one's body on the path to enlightenment. The Kalachakra deity represents a Buddha and thus omniscience. As the Buddha is time and everything is under the influence of time, the Buddha knows all. Similarly, the wheel is without beginning or end.

  • pendant measures approximately 1 3/4" high x 1 1/8" wide
  • set with genuine turquoise gemstone and hallmarked 92.5 sterling silver
  • displays the Tibetan Buddhist symbol Kalachakra, the Time Wheel
  • presented inside a similar looking stone bowl from India measuring 2" wide

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