Stunning Extra Large Ghau Box, Turquoise and Coral set in Sterling Silver

The pictured silver gau pendant was hand crafted in Nepal. Beautiful turquoise stones and pieces of Himalayan red coral are set in 92.5 sterling silver. The backside of this gau box shows the Tibetan Buddhist symbol of double vajra, symbolizing the principle of absolute stability. This unique piece demonstrates the beautiful sterling silver art work from the old days. It is a stunning Himalayan treasure.

  • pendant measures approximately 3" high x 3" wide
  • pendant weighs approximately 4.6 oz
  • set with genuine turquoise gemstone, Himalayan red coral, and hallmarked 92.5 sterling silver
  • presented inside the pictured stone hexagon box from India measuring 4.5" x 4" x 1 7/8"

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