10" Meditation Buddha

  • This tranquil Buddha was hand carved from a colorful type of Himalayan stone by skilled artisans in India. The colors and patterns in the stone, and the individual carving itself make this stone Buddha statue very unique. The skill of carving, the weight of the statue, and the beauty of the natural stone are all more impressive than the photos can show. The Buddha's pose is called the dhyana mudra (the meditation posture) also called "samadhi" or "yoga" pose.

    • measures approximately 10 1/8" high x 6" wide x 2 1/2" deep
    • weighs 6 lbs 4 1/2 oz
  • The dhyana mudra is the meditation posture, also called samadhi or yoga pose. It is the posture of concentration (samadhi) on the Dharma and of attainment of spiritual perfection (bodhi or "awakening"). The Buddha's gaze is serene, sitting in lotus position. The gesture is formed by placing the right hand over the palm of the left hand, with tips of both thumbs touching lightly, hands resting in the lap, palms facing up. The right hand represents enlightenment while the left hand represents samsara, the world of illusions. This mudra symbolizes the triumph of enlightenment over the world of illusions.

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