12" Sakyamuni Buddha

  • The pictured Buddha was hand carved from a colorful type of Himalayan stone by skilled artisans in India. The colors and patterns in the stone, and the individual carving itself makes this stone Buddha statue unique. The skill of carving, the weight of the statue, and the beauty of the natural stone are all quite impressive. The Buddha's gesture is called the Bhumisparsa mudra, showing Buddha with his right hand in the earth-touching gesture commemorating Gautama Buddha's moment of enlightenment under the Bo tree in Bohdgaya, India.

    • measures almost 12" high x 7" wide x over 2.25" deep
    • weighs 8 lbs 8.5 oz
  • The bhumisparsa mudra is the gesture of witness, also known as the "touching the earth" posture. This pose is commemorative of Gautama Buddha's moment of enlightenment under the Bo tree in Bhodgaya, India. It symbolizes the Buddha's unshakeable faith and resolution. Armed with his resolve to remain seated under the Bodhi tree until he had solved the problem of the cessation of suffering, he took the earth as testimony of the merits that he had accumulated during his previous births. Temptation, personified by the demon Mara, came at him in many forms, but he resisted them all and touched the earth to call it to witness his victory. This was the Buddha's final obstacle on his path to enlightenment, and thus the mudra is also referred to as "the attitude of subduing Mara".

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