Vertical Tibetan Prayer Flags ~ high quality cotton

  • These beautiful, vertical Tibetan prayer flag banners were handmade in Nepal from high quality cotton. The printing is done with traditional hand-carved wooden blocks, using bright, eco-friendly textile inks. The prayers are based on centuries old Buddhist holy texts and have all been verified by a Lama for authenticity.

    • total height of banner is approximately 6' 11"
    • individual flags each measure approximately 15" wide x 16" high
    • colored streamers measure approximately 11" wide x 3 1/2" high
    • printed on high quality 100% cotton
  • This vertical banner displays five traditional designs.

    • Blue ~ Medicine Buddha "Healing Sutras"
    • White ~ White Umbrella Tara "Protection Prayers"
    • Red ~ Sampa Myurdrup "Swift Accomplishment of Wishes"
    • Green ~ Green Tara "Praises to the 21 Taras"
    • Yellow ~ Windhorse "Victory over Obstacles"

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