The Peace Eyes of Buddha Incense

  • A classic Tibetan incense made by hand in Nepal from a mixture of Himalayan aromatic plants. Natural herbs and spices are pressed together in a masala preparation and shaped into the Tibetan style sticks.

    • approximately 30 sticks, 6.75" long, and a small wooden burner
    • all natural with no wooden sticks, glues, or dyes
    • contains spiritual and aromatic herbs from the Himalayas
    • prepared with respect for the ancient traditions of incense making
  • For you to consider, the following is from the maker's packaging (stated burn times are approximate):

    "The art of making incense has been respected by the ancient traditions of many centuries in asia. This peace incense includes varieties of spiritual and aromatic herbs, flowers, leaves, grass-wood, bark, spices, and natural glue to create this spiritual Tibetan incense. It contains 30 sticks with one wooden incense holder. It burns for 45 minutes."

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