Ayurvedic Rope Incense

  • Traditional Himalayan rope incense where the raw incense powder is sprinkled onto thin strips of handmade paper which are then twisted into "ropes". This ayurvedic medicinal blend of rope incense is prepared in accordance with "ancient traditional vaidic formula of the ayurvedic texts".

    • approximately 80 twisted rope strands
    • contains various Himalayan herbs including astasugandha, jattamasi, and gokul dhoop
    • all natural with no wooden sticks, glues, or dyes
    • handmade in Nepal, according to a traditional ayurvedic formula
  • For you to consider, the following is from the maker's packaging (stated burn times are approximate):

    "Ayurveda, it is aromatherapeutic medicinal theory. This incense is produced as per the ancient traditional vaidic formula of the ayurvedic texts. The special composition of the formula of this ayurvedic incense is composed by ayurvedic doctor. This incense can be used as for to meditate different diseases like feeling of coldness, stomach problems, for temporary loss of concentration in exercise, study, and pains arising from nervous disorders. It was generally used in ayurvedic hospital to repel bacteria, virus, and keep the patient quiet. Its different composition of the herbs (Viz. Astasugandha, Jattamasi oil gokul dhoop etc.) helpful for different medication as well as for concentration of mind, to purify the atmosphere, and pollution etc. It is made from the selected purified and best quality plants and Himalayan region of Nepal. It is free from any toxic and addictive defects like chemicals (100% natural)"

  • Natural herbs and spices are mixed together in a masala preparation and sprinkled onto strips of handmade paper which are then twisted into the classic rope incense form. The paper is sometimes called Nepali rice paper but it is actually Lotka bark handmade paper. Lotka refers to a small woody plant of the Laurel family which grows at over 6000 feet in the Himalayas, and has been traditionally used in Nepal to make paper. Lotka paper is a renewable resource, and provides a source of income to paper crafting families and village communities.

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