Arogya Bodhisatwo Dhoop Incense (spiritual blend)

  • Arogya Bodhisatwo Dhoop is described as a spiritual blend of Tibetan incense.  It is prepared based on an ancient traditional formula from Ayurvedic texts and is used for the purification of the atmosphere and for spiritual happiness.  It contains numerous Himalayan herbs such as harrow, juniper, agur, gokul, and cinnamon to create a unique aroma.

    • approximately 27 sticks, 8" long
    • a traditional blend found in the high Himalayas, like Jumla and Mustang
    • all natural with no wooden sticks, glues, or dyes
    • neatly wrapped with Nepali Lotka paper
  • For you to consider, the following is from the maker's packaging (stated burn times are approximate):

    "Natural Arogya Bodhisatwo Dhoop Incense. This incense is prepared on the base of the ancient traditional vaidic formula of the Ayurvedic texts. The formulation of this Ayurvedic incense is prescribed by the great yogi, meditator, and ayurvedic medicine advisor. A blending of this incense is known as Spiritual Blend, mostly found in the high Himalaya range like Solukhumbu, Gosaikund, Humla, Jumla and Mustang of Nepal. This incense is good for the purification of atmosphere and for spiritual happiness. It contains many precious herbs including Harro, Barro, Juniper, Agur, Krishagur, gokul, Cinnamon, and other excellent medicinal herbs. It is perfectly safe for the inhalation and environment as well. It contains 27 sticks, 8" long. Each stick burns for 60min, 35 gms wts when packed."

  • Natural herbs and spices are pressed together in a masala preparation and shaped into the Tibetan style sticks. They are carefully wrapped in handmade paper made from Lotka bark. Lotka refers to a small woody plant of the Laurel family which grows at over 6000 feet in the Himalayas, and has been traditionally used in Nepal to make paper. Lotka paper is a renewable resource, and provides a source of income to paper crafting families and village communities.

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