Vertical Tibetan Prayer Flags ~ Swift Accomplishment of Wishes ~ polyester with green border

  • These vertical Tibetan prayer flag banners were handmade in Nepal using high quality polyester and they are sewn with a green border. The printing is done with traditional hand-carved wooden blocks, using bright, eco-friendly textile inks. The prayers are based on centuries old Buddhist holy texts and have all been verified by a Lama for authenticity. Please note that the first picture shown here is the Victory Over Obstacles motif with green border and the rest of the pictures are Swift Accomplishment of Wishes without the green border. New photos will be taken.

    • total height of banner is approximately 7 feet
    • individual flags each measure approximately 15" wide x 16" high
    • side streamers measure approximately 9" long x 4.5" high
  • This vertical banner displays five traditional designs.

    • Blue ~ Gyaltsen Semo "Victory Banner Sutra"
    • White ~ Compassion Mantra "Om mani padme hung"
    • Red ~ Buddha Amitayus "Long Life Prayers"
    • Green ~ "Praises to the 21 Taras"
    • Yellow ~ Sampa Myurdrup" Quick Wish Fulfilling Prayers"

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