5 rolls of Tibetan Prayer Flags ~ 10 flags each

  • This is a set of five rolls of Tibetan prayer flags with a string of 10 flags in each roll (50 flags total).  Each string measures over five feet long, with a combined total of approximately 25 feet long.  The flags are printed on export grade 100% cotton and display beautiful traditional designs and prayers. 

    • individual flags measure approximately 6" wide x 7" high
    • five traditional designs with verified prayers
    • printed on high quality 100% cotton
  • These flags display five traditional designs.

    • Blue ~ Medicine Buddha "Healing Sutras"
    • White ~ Chenrizig "Om Mani Padme Hum"
    • Red ~ Vajra Guru Power Mantra
    • Green ~ Green Tara's Protection Mantra
    • Yellow ~ Windhorse "Victory over Obstacles"

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