Tibetan Bdellium (Gokul-Resin)

  • Tibetan Bdellium (Gokul resin) incense has been used for centuries in the Himalaya for its wide range of medicinal properties. An excellent handmade incense in the tradition of classical incense from Tibet. These natural incense sticks burn well with a pleasing aroma.

    • approximately 30 sticks, 5" long, and a small wooden burner
    • all natural herbal incense with no wooden sticks, glues, or dyes
    • neatly bundled in a tube wrapped with recycled and Lotka paper that is handmade in Nepal
  • For you to consider, the following is from the maker's packaging (stated burn times are approximate):

    "ANCIENT TIBETAN BDELLIUM (GOKUL-RESIN) INCENSE: Bdellium is mainly called "Guggulu in sanskrit and has wide use of medicinal properties. Guggulu was burnt to scare off witches or demons. It is also helps to erradicate arthritis, rheumatism, and neurological disorders. Perfectly safe for the inhalation and environment. It contains 30 sticks with 1 incense holder. Each stick burns for 60 minutes. Handmade in Nepal.

  • Natural herbs and spices are pressed together in a masala preparation and shaped into the Tibetan style sticks. They are carefully packed in a sturdy tube that closes at one end with a twist of handmade paper made from recycled paper and Lotka bark. Lotka refers to a small woody plant of the Laurel family which grows at over 6000 feet in the Himalayas, and has been traditionally used in Nepal to make paper. Lotka paper is a renewable resource, and provides a source of income to paper crafting families and village communities.

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