3 Tibetan Incense ~ Healing blends (is300)

  • These are three of our most popular healing blends of incense.

    • approximately 60 sticks
    • Tibetan style incense - herbs and spices pressed together
    • all natural with no wooden sticks, glues, or dyes
  • For you to consider, the following is from the maker's packaging:

    ORIGINAL HEALING INCENSE (orange) "This healing incense formula is a traditional Tibetan medication for stress and tension that has been used for centuries. It is effective, non-toxic, non- addictive, and consists of 31 natural herbal ingredients prepared entirely by hand according to the ancient Tibetan medical system. It is a purely natural remedy for; vertigo or headaches, nausea caused by oxygen deficiency, mental strain, stress, insomnia, back and chest pain, dryness of lips, stiffness, and muscle pain related or caused by psychosomatic problems."

    HEALING INCENSE (green) "This medicinal incense is composed of 31 natural herbal ingredients from the Himalayan region. It is prepared by hand in the traditional way in exact accordance with the Tibetan Medical Tantra. Ingredients include: aloe wood, herbal flowers, saffron, red and white sandalwood, three fruits, melia composita, and shorea robusta. beneficial against pain in the upper body, dryness of mouth and tongue, irritability, depression, and insomnia. Dizziness, tinnitus, muscular or neural stiffness, pains in the waist, hips, bones, and joints arising from nervous disorders."

    TIBETAN HEALING INCENSE (yellow) "Tibetan Healing Incense, a special medicinal inhaling incense. Tibetan healing incense is manufactured as per specifications of the Tibetan Buddhist Medical tantra text in compliance with original traditional Tibetan practice. Twenty-five different ingredients of natural fragrant substances with medical curative properties have been used in the composition of this incense. It is non-toxic and non-addictive. It is specially effective against combating strain, tension, depression, and achieving calm and tranquility in day to day life."

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