Knot of Eternity on Black Hemp Wallet

  • This tri-fold black hemp wallet is handmade in Nepal from durable Himalayan hemp, and is beautifully embroidered with Shrivasta, the Tibetan Knot of Eternity. Inside the wallet there is a zippered billfold, an un-zippered billfold, a small zippered pocket, and five compartments for cards. There is also a small zippered pocket on the outside and the wallet closes with a strip of velcro. The colors are set and will not run when wet. This is a double-stitched,well tailored hemp wallet from the Himalayas!

    • measures approximately 5" x 10" when opened, 5" x 3.5" when closed
    • location of hemp tag and exact color shade may vary slightly
  • The Buddhist Eternity Knot, Shrivasta, symbolizes many aspects of existence, including the endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth. It is sometimes used to illustrate such concepts as eternal love or unending luck. The knot has no beginning and no end, only continuity.

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